SoundFuse Magazine: The Greyboy Allstars – Congress Theater Show Review

Sophisticated funk is the best way I can describe The Greyboy Allstars and The Funky Meters show that took place at Congress Theater on April 19th. No it wasn’t a bunch of people in suits sipping wine or fine brandy; I use the word “sophisticated” to describe the sound, mood and overall atmosphere from this particular show. It was true funk, plain and simple. No sound manipulation, no unneeded instruments, and no bullshit. Both of these bands have a serious reputation of being extremely talented and are well known throughout their respected genre; their take on funk is truly old school and they stick to the foundation that funk music has gloriously sat upon since its introduction to the world. It’s what makes these guys so good. The appreciation the band has overflows out into the crowd and is what helps makes these bands, their music, and their shows so much fun… MORE

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