The Greyboy Allstars New Album Out Now!

Inland Emperor

First new record by The Greyboy Allstars in six years.

Release Date: April 2013

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Track List
  1. Profundo Grasso
  2. Bitch Inside Me
  3. Multiplier
  4. Old Crow
  5. Bomb Pop
  6. Better Get A Jump On It
  7. Breaking Blood
  8. Inland Emperor
  9. Wandering
  10. Diminishing Blackness
  11. Trashtruck
  12. Red Snow Cone Machine

What Happened To Television?

Album Co-produced by founding member Dj Greyboy features core group of Robert Walter, Elgin Park, Karl Denson, Chris Stillwell and Zak Najor, and Special Guests Including Inara George and The Living Sisters.

Release Date: April 2007

Download What Happened to Televsion

Track List
  1. V neck Sweater
  2. What Happened to TV?
  3. Still Waiting
  4. Deck Shoes
  5. How Glad I Am
  6. Back In The Game
  7. Left Coast Boogaloo
  8. Old School Cylons
  9. Knowledge Room
  10. Pigeons Under Water
  11. Give The Drummer Some More

GBA Live

Greyboy Records

Release Date: 1999

Download What Happened to Televsion

Track List
  1. Hot Dog
  2. Freshman 10
  3. Get A Job
  4. Happy Friends
  5. Jack Rabbit
  6. Duffin’ Round
  7. Check Out Your Mind
  8. Hot Pants Breakdown
  9. Tenor Man
  10. Toys R Us

A Town Called Earth

Greyboy Records

Release Date: 1997

Download What Happened to Televsion

Track List
  1. Turnip’s Big Move
  2. Planet of The Superkids
  3. Happy Friends
  4. The Many Moods of Erik Newson
  5. Quantico, VA.
  6. Toys R Us
  7. A Town Called Earth
  8. Decembers Bicycle
  9. Blues for Celia (Cee Cee’s Blues)
  10. Sportscaster

West Coast Boogaloo

Greyboy Records

Release Date: 1995

West Coast Boogaloo

Track List
  1. Soul Dream
  2. Let The Music Take Your Mind
  3. Fried Grease
  4. Fire-Eater
  5. Tenor Man
  6. Miss Riverside
  7. Gravee
  8. The Browns At Home

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